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What should I know about wastes, traps and overflows?

Written by Pieter Paul de Jongh
Sunday, 28 November 2010 14:22

A trap is a bend in the outlet pipe which always contains some of the water that last drained. Its purpose is to block smells coming from the drains. A trap is usually formed by a U-shaped outlet pipe. A bottletrap is a special type of trap which has the added advantage of easy cleaning - it is simply screwed off the piping. Valuable items, which may have drained out of the basin, are more than likely to be caught in the bottletrap.

The traditional bath and basin use a plug to prevent the water running away. In situations where plugs are likely to be removed or stolen, a fitted plug called a ‘pop-up’ is used. The pop-up is opened or closed by operating a control arm fitted into the wall of the bath or built into the mixer.

A special type of built-in plug is known as a ‘click clack’. On alternate pushes, the plug toggles between open and closed.

Kitchen sinks often combine two bowls and a salad rinsing bowl, each having an outlet. A combination trap combines all the outlets into the single drainpipe.

Piping on basin outlets is 32mm in diameter.


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