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What should I know about basins?

Written by Pieter Paul de Jongh
Tuesday, 12 August 2008 00:13

Currently in the market you will find three basic basin designs, wall-hung, countertop and vessel.

• Wall-hung basins are mounted against the wall; fasten with fixation bolts. Pedestals are used to support washbasins. It also conceals the pipes, so chrome plated bottle trap is not needed, and cheaper plastic one can be used.

• Countertop basins are full countertop, recessed, or semi-recessed. When a full countertop basin is installed the flange is visible and the basin is just above the top. A recessed basin is mounted below the top. A semi-recessed basin is half under the counter and half above. They also project out from the countertop.

• Vessel Basins sit on furniture or a counter top.

Different taps can be used in relation to your basin selection nl, Pillar taps and Basin mixers. They usually have 15mm (1/2 “) threads, in- and outlet.

Some basins mixers comes standard with a pop-up plug waste, which can be replaced white your new modern clicker waste. Note that even though most basin taps and mixers include flexi-connectors, they do not include angle valves, the small taps that can turn-off water supply to the taps when repairing them.

What to know about basin wastes and their drainage system.

Waste fittings on basins are 32mm in diameter. If the basin has an overflow outlet, it needs to drain into the same waste pipe used by the basin. This is done by fitting what is termed a ‘slotted’ waste fitting.

The process of selecting a basin.

• Drop-in sinks fit into a vanity or countertop and provide the simplest installation.

• Pedestal sinks feature sophisticated styling and large bowl areas. Many can enlarge a room visually and create a luxurious setting. Others, in petite sizes, can be the perfect solution to a small area where space is at a premium. A pedestal sink does not allow for under counter storage, so check for adequate closet space, or consider adding shelves.

• Under counter sinks create a clean, distinctive look. Because there is no rim or ‘lip’ above the counter to catch soap and debris, they are the easiest to cleanup. The tap is mounted directly to the countertop in under counter sink installations, creating opportunities for unique and creative tap placement.

• Above Counter Lavatories - These lavatories rise above the countertop or furniture to create a decorative focal point in any bath or powder room.

Other considerations.

• Size - Check the exact dimensions of the location for the new sink. Will the new sink fit into an existing cut outs?

• Taps - What type of tap to choose? Taps come in all shapes and styles, too. Do not put a tiny tap on a big, bold sink, and vice-versa. Finally, make sure the chosen sink has the correct hole punching for the taps.

• Style – There is a wide range of choices, from contemporary to tradition, in many different colours. Consider choosing a design-matched toilet and a tub or whirlpool coordinate with a new sink.

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