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Montana Plumbers is well known to the community of the northern suburbs of Pretoria.

We are able to give you a comprehensive quotation and professional service no matter what your plumbing needs may be, thereby ensuring your peace of mind.

Our mission is simple... “Customer is king”. And we understand your plumbing needs.

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What should I know about baths?

Baths can be either free standing or more commonly fitted drop-in types. (Note – the term drop-in refers to the way that the bath is fitted into the bathroom. It is not being suggested that there is a type of bath where friends can drop-in.)

Baths come in many shapes, a popular one being the corner bath.

Bath specifications provide length, breadth and height measurements.

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Basics to know about, household water pressure!

Pressure is a measure of how much a liquid is compressed. It is not the ‘force’ exerted by the water at an outlet. The force is a measure of how hard the water can ‘push’ at an outlet. The pressure of a contained water system will be the same no matter what the size of the outlet. The force – however – is dependent on the outlet size. The smaller the outlet, the greater the force.

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